Lido Shuffle


In this 13th Justice Security story, Lieutenant Michelle (Mickey) Rooney of the Chicago Police Department returns, along with Detective Sam Tanner and ex-cop Manny Salazar.

This time, two of them have a price on their heads, along with Joey Justice of Justice Security. The bounty has been placed on them by insane Mexican drug cartel leader Esteban Fernandez. Fernandez has hired Lido Bouvier, a wild Cajun assassin, to eliminate all three.

Bouvier is known to the underground as the Lido Shuffle because of his “shuffling” of murder techniques…and because of his ability to escape capture.

Joey brings Mickey Rooney, Sam Tanner, and Manny Salazar to his Southern city to better protect them from Bouvier…but who will protect Joey and Justice Security?

Find out in T. M. Bilderback’s “Lucky 13th” Justice Security story, Lido Shuffle – A Justice Security Novel!


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