Let’s All Go to the Lobby A Sweet History of Concessions at the Movies


The moviegoing experience is well known for the exciting sights and sounds provided by the Hollywood magic flickering on the silver screen. But what about the atmospheric aromas and lip-smacking flavors that people cherish when they are in their seats? Steve Foley explores the history of cinema concessions and the relationship between audiences and the snacks consumed while the film rolls.

From the street vendors stationed outside the movie palaces of old to the modern full-service multiplexes of today, Let’s All go to the Lobby recounts the production of cinema’s most famous animated jingle, the promotions and gimmicks used to capitalize on audience attendance, and the various confections that people love to munch on in the dark.

Buy your tickets, take your seat, and if the trailers are still at play, “Let’s all go to the lobby and get ourselves a treat!”

Bullet points:


  • “Let All Go to the Lobby”: “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” (formally known as “Technicolor Refreshment Trailer No. 1”) is a 1957 animated musical commercial directed by Dave Fleischer for Filmack Studios. The commercial is aired either before the start of the main feature or before the interval.    
  • Film studio and cinemas: This book is about cinemas and movie theaters, as we know that cinemas are very expensive, even before you include in the cost of popcorn, slushies, hot dogs, and massive vats of fizzy beverages to consume while watching the movie.    
  • Concession source of income: Concessions are well-known as a major source of income for movie theaters. Concessions account for around 40 percent of their overall earnings, mainly because theaters get 85 cents for every dollar spent on movie food. They’d be in a lot more trouble if they didn’t have those munchies.    
  • Foods: Concession stalls are known for selling junk food. Candy, popcorn, and soft drinks are the most basic concessions in movie theaters.


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