Killers and Kings


For centuries, Xoran has been without magic or magical creatures. Humans are the dominant species and have almost forgotten that magic ever existed in their world. Xoran is a world that was ripped apart by the Old Gods and now after several centuries, is coming together again. Monsters and demons attack the peaceful people of Kronos without warning as the Age of Magic begins again.

An ancient witch is freed from her prison and is bent on destroying the works of the Old Gods and bringing Chaos back to the world. Her demon minion becomes the figurehead of a religion based on murder and conquest. The followers of Quell take what they want and no crime is too heinous to commit in the name of their false god.

With magic coming back to Xoran, those with a gift for magic are now able to channel their powers and rise up to defend their fellow man. Powerful mages team up with soldiers and knights to fight the Quell and bring back the rule of Law. A simple sellsword rises up to become a hero, and the kings of Kronos band together to defeat the demon and his followers.

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