Killer of Killers 4: The Whitecap Hotel

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The Whitecap Hotel is a former retreat, a vacationer’s castle amongst the Rocky Mountain Peaks. The Whitecap has been closed for years now, a fading memory in a Colorado tourist town. Someone, though, is breathing new life into the Whitecap.

This person has created a game and Kalen and Tisha McDonald have been invited.

The game is a murder mystery party to be held in the heart of the hotel. Multiple past employees of the Whitecap will attend with Kalen and his wife to help solve a murder. The crime has been presented to them as a fictitious evening of clue solving–but is it?

Is there something more developing as the evening progresses?

Who is the real target of the game’s creator?

Kalen does not know, but he soon realizes a killer is among his cohorts for the evening. An invisible monster watches them, in the open, seeking to conceal a past crime.

With no apparent means of escape, Kalen and Tisha must uncover the truth behind the game. While a coming battle with a killer builds, another murderous fiend is searching for Kalen. The Radio Killer is closer than ever and ready to strike. He is coming for Kalen. Soon, he will know all he needs to know to hunt the man the media knows only as–The Killer of Killers!

1 review for Killer of Killers 4: The Whitecap Hotel

  1. May Anderson

    Whew, what an awesome eye catching series title! I absolutely love mysteries and horror stories and it was the name of these series that caught my attention first and made me want to check it out over the title and I absolutely enjoyed it and will be going back to start from the beginning to find out how Kalen got started in becoming the Killer of Killers.

    I love the by-play between kalen and his wife Trisha. They seem to be the up beat, fun, enjoy life couple which is way different than the other couples in the story. You have stuck up, we’re better than you Russel and his wife, erm sorry, have no clue how to spell her name, Brett and Cynthia who seem to be on the complete lack of communicating scale from each other, Sean and his wife, sorry can’t spell her name either, 🙂 whom I’m not sure what to think of them and then Mary, the blue haired lady that just wouldn’t shut up and her husband who just wanted to be grumpy, but they disappeared not long after the beginning of the story. Like whatever happened to them?

    James Romick did an awesome job at bringing the characters to life. But hearing him giggle or do the small little laughs for Trisha when Kalen said or did something was strange and funny to hear. He did a terrific job at pulling off that tone of ***I’m better than you*** that Russel and his wife carried.

    I had fun trying to figure out the murder mystery along with the story as they moved along to each room. I started thinking of Brett when they got the second clue since his attitude like seriously changed and even more so when they got to the gift shop. When they reach room 303 is when I included Russels wife due to her being a total arse when the clue was revealed.

    I would love to know how in the world Kalen can function with his visions seeming to happen like every few minutes and being able to keep that from people around him. I’d be ready to pull my hair out or scream!

    When Kalen spoke with the person that created the game near the end of the story, I have to admit that that person didn’t even cross my mind.

    Can’t wait for the next book to see what is going to happen with the Radio Killer as Kalen calls him, but first I need to start over and go find book 1.

    I got this book for free and all thoughts are definitely my own. Happy reading!

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