Killer of Killers 1: Visions


Kalen McDonald is a normal man in every way but two. He is married to the love of his life; has a son he adores and enjoys his career as a real estate agent. The exceptions to his mundane existence are, secretly, Kalen is a serial killer, and, secretly, Kalen has a special gift. He murders other killers, each death a temporary elixir for the pain of a past loss. As a child, the one person in his life who showed him, love, was brutally slain by a madman. 

Kalen loves his family, and he has compassion for those less fortunate than himself, but when it comes to the killers in the world, those who take the lives of the innocent, Kalen is a cold-hearted, remorseless murderer. Using the gift of the visions that have come to him since childhood, Kalen tracks and eliminates those who steal lives, those who destroy the good in the world. He seeks revenge for the painful loss of his dear sister and his childhood. Kalen is an executioner, happy to kill those who kill, but a crisis arrives in the form of a man only known to the authorities as B.T.K 

Is this maniacal serial killer trying to emulate the notorious killer of the past? Kalen will find out soon, as this new fiend touches the life of the one person he loves the most. In his most crucial moment, Kalen will need to rely on his finely crafted skills. The woman who Kalen considers the very essence of his life is in a killer’s crosshairs, and she needs him. She needs the Killer of Killers.


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