Key Seekers


Like many college sophomores, Mike doesn’t have a clear direction in life. When he inherits an old house from a mysterious family friend, he drops out of school to check out his new property. He gets more than he bargained for when he falls through a portal in the attic and lands in a frightening, medieval fantasy land where myth, folklore, and reality are one. The only way home lies with the missing Gatekeeper and his Key. Mike’s new companions, Ultor, Elric and Virgil, need the Gatekeeper’s help to save their kingdom from Histerland and its evil High Necromancer. Their quest puts Mike in the middle of an age-old conflict between warring kingdoms and rival wizards. As the Necromancer stalks the Key Seekers across this world of gods and monsters, Mike discovers secrets about his past and the key to his future.

The Key Seekers is an action-packed introduction to the worlds of The Brute and Valora. In this self-contained origin story, you will find out how the Necromancer made his way into the modern-day world of The Brute: Chasing shadows, and discover what really happened to the Gatekeeper between chapters 21 and 46 of Valora.

This audiobook was adapted from material originally published in The Gateworld Chronicles.


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