January’s Storm


When Storm Jenkins finds January Kennedy on the shore of the lake badly beaten and a rope around her neck, and pregnant, he immediately goes into action, as his fiancee went missing after she fell into the cold waters that surround Mackinac Island, five years before. He swears he will keep her safe and takes her home with him. As they get ready for her baby, he gets a phone call telling him that he has a 5 year-old daughter, named Tiana. Her story of her mother being hit and killed, about paydays, limeburgers, and a mysterious man named Jafkay only deepen the mystery surrounding her and what happened when her mother fell into the cold waters. After January’s baby is born, January mysteriously vanishes from Storm’s property, leaving him behind to take care of Tiana and newborn Journey. Everybody must work together to find out what happened and bring her home. Tiana, though, unknowingly, is the one who holds the key to January’s rescue. Will they find her in time?


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