Lost in the desert, our modern-day hero SAS Captain “BulletProof Pete” has strange visions of a priest, an ancient book of prophecy, and a sword of unspeakable power. Archangel Michael appears when all seems lost and tells him his destiny and his ancient name.

His visions continue – a dark cave, something diabolical within, a blackened sky, and an ancient race of aliens invading Earth in a monstrous ship. A woman of strange beauty appears in his dreams trying to contact him. 

A brilliant archaeologist makes a shocking discovery in modern Iraq. The magnetic Lucia and Count Cassian – vampires since the dawn of civilization – meet with the US president to persuade him of the impending threat. They also seek the ancient hero contained in the book of prophecy.

In a frantic race against time, our hero goes to New York to find out about the alien agenda. But surrounded by alien forces, he is saved at the last minute by two mysterious vampires.  

Former enemies, both human and vampire, must become friends. But can humankind learn to set aside their petty conflicts and unite for a common cause? Issues of race, religion, and class are now irrelevant in a fight against a common and vicious enemy determined to conquer Earth and enslave its people.

And one human holds the key: Caius.


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