Ghost Girl Files Book 1: Fatal Interest

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Miranda Kale doesn’t believe in ghosts…until she meets one. Without warning, the ghost girl appears in her room and tells her to expect a phone call. Despite the strangest referral ever, Miranda accepts what appears to be a simple case of high-class mischief at an exclusive boarding school. 

The headmistress can’t tell her much, but she fears one of the students might be in danger. Rooms are being searched, seemingly at random, and the list of potential targets stretches to nearly everybody. Still, compared to Miranda’s other cases, this one has all the markings of an open/shut one for her and her dog.

Looks can be deceiving.

Somebody has a keen interest in this small, posh school, and it’s up to Miranda and Tate to expose the bad guys before that interest turns fatal. 


This might eventually be part of a longer series, but for now, there’s just the one. It has a side character from the Devya’s Children series. If you’re looking for longer, serialized mysteries check out the Shadow Council and Eagle Eyes series.

2 reviews for Ghost Girl Files Book 1: Fatal Interest

  1. Julie Howard

    I loved this book, I just wish it had be longer and I hope there are more to come. I did wonder if I had missed a few as it referred to pervious cases but as this book is called book one I guess I didn’t, if there is another book I would like to hear more about the organisation that Miranda works for and how they came about. I liked the main character and especially the clever dog, the plot of going under cover in a boarding school was unusual. Even though it is called ghost girl files the ghost didn’t really play a role in the case just helped set up the case, so if you are not a fan of Sy-Fy books don’t let that put you off.
    Miranda is hired to look into who has been breaking in to dorm rooms and classrooms at a very expensive boarding school. The headmistress is worried that someone is planning to kidnap one of the rich children or worst and Miranda and her dog go under cover as the dorm mother to investigate. She soon works out to many rooms have been targeted and it is all most as if someone is searching for something but what? and can she work it out before her cover is blown? As being around moody, emotional teenagers all day is a lot tougher than she thought.
    I liked the narrator she had a very soothing voice.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    To ask for spiritual guidance has taken up a completely different meaning in this “who done it”, when the reason for taking up an investigation comes from a otherworldly source.
    So the case, based at an elite boarding school, involves what?
    That’s the interesting problem that our intrepid sloth has to use both her own and her canine companions skills to solve.

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