In the distant future, the world is no longer habitable. Humanity is forced to live in a city of towering spires where the air is artificially produced, food is grown in greenhouses, and companies compete to blanket a dreary existence with projections of neon lights and mockeries of the Old World cities we once lived in. Cybernetic implants further mask the depreciating quality-of-life with digital interfaces and distractions to combat lives of crime and loss of purpose.

When a series of disappearances throughout the city is linked to a prevalent line of implants called Eloise IV, forensic psychologist Kat Holinger is brought onboard to find the connection. Using a mysterious device called Eidetica to burrow into the archived memories of each implant’s abducted user, Kat and its creator Quentin Rhodes are launched into the peculiarities of the human mind. Forced to reckon with revelations neither are prepared to face, the duo soon realize that playing God not only comes with devastating personal consequences—it could determine the ultimate fate of a city just struggling to survive each nightfall in a single piece.

From the author of The Book of Death series comes a science-fiction epic set in the age of Earth’s great reckoning, combining a post-apocalyptic world with surreal landscapes of the human consciousness. Get your copy today!


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