Dragon Gods (Book 2/3)

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Loyalty will bind them together – or tear them apart.

Nightfall still holds Alveria in its grip. Terrifying ghosts continue to haunt the stricken kingdom, while crops wither in the fields from lack of sunlight. If the light doesn’t return soon, thousands will starve.

But a worse fate awaits the Untameables.

Laini Unclaimed has revealed the shocking truth discovered after her journey to the hallowed realm: The gods are not lost but have instead been reborn on Earth as mere mortals in order to face their ultimate destruction for rejecting Hel.

The goddess’s bitterness is far too familiar, as the sting of the dragon hunter Tyr’s betrayal remains fresh in Laini’s mind. Yet as her connection to Hel grows, Laini sees the damage that results in allowing the past to infect the present – and she’s determined not to make the same mistake as the vengeful god.

Armed with newfound faith in her fellow rag-tag band of Untameables, Laini and the dragons must track down the rest of the young gods and protect them from the rapidly growing cult of Hel – before the power of their worship allows the goddess to break free from the shackles of the underworld.

As Hel’s threat looms closer, Laini must rise up and fight for those she believes in.

Before all is lost.

This novel contains violence and profanity.

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1 review for Dragon Gods (Book 2/3)

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    It is difficult to sum this particular episode up, without giving a lot of the story away.
    There is death destruction and mayhem. A true good versus evil fight to the very end. With sacrifices and loose of those that you have become fimaliar with.
    However, we are left we some hope.
    I, for one, are looking forward to the next episode, “Dragon Family”.
    This is a very individual and unique tale. Very different from the normal saga of this type. I appreciate the uniqueness!

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