Diamond Mind

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Elir son of M’iva has dreams of rising above his station in life as a wanderer. When Elir is hired as a secretary to an eccentric old man, he winds up immersed in a twisted web of half-truths and insanity. A creature that is both healer and killer roams the night. Trapped and alone on a primitive planet, with her technology failing, can Diamond protect herself from a vengeful noble, while still shielding her heart from a passionate young suitor? With no access to the link and people dying, will she lose her sanity and become a demon of legend?

1 review for Diamond Mind

  1. Daniel Davis

    A few twists and turns await the reader and the author leaves you awaiting more. The beginning had me wondering if I had gotten a historical fiction book rather than the science fiction I was expecting. I will definitely be listening to this book again

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