Day Trading for a Living: A Beginner’s Guide to Forex

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Build a Forex trading strategy.

Build a better future.

Have you been struggling to understand the intricacies of Forex? If so, you’re not alone. Foreign Exchange trading is decidedly difficult to master, and that’s why many traders turn tail. Don’t be amongst the many who miss this sector’s stunning profit potential—not when the knowledge you need to thrive has all been compiled for you!

In Volume III of the Day Trading for a Living Series, Leigh Vernon delivers another fresh batch of big-player insights—info you won’t want to miss.

Inside you’ll discover:

    • What the Forex market is and how to pick your entry point . . .
    • The characteristics of top investors and how to emulate greatness . . .
    • The principal currencies and forces that drive them . . .
    • The key to understanding price movements . . .
  • How to wield a portfolio wisely, lessening risk . . .


Starting off, we’re all beginners. Pros today were once like you. With Day Trading for a Living, embark on the clear-cut path to total triumph. Nothing stands in your way!

Get it now.


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