Don’t mess with the Daughters of Darkness, especially Victoria. 

Only death could stop her now. 

Victoria was a Hunter Vampire, now turned hunted. 

When Evan has obviously been kidnapped by the Council, Tori will stop at nothing to get him back. 

At the same time, she’s disappointed to learn Malcolm, her old hunting partner, is hot on her trail. Malcolm knows her very well, as they worked together for countless decades. He knows her every move and her every hiding spot. 

She seeks Finn’s help. Finn has been alive for centuries and has somehow managed to stay completely off the Council’s radar by living off the grid. She’s confident he can keep her, Eddie, and Trent safe while they come up with a way to get to Evan. 

Vlad wants her dead or alive – it no longer seems to matter. Tori will do whatever is needed to keep Evan safe, even if it means coming up against her father and hunting him.


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