This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a scream.

In the remote mountains of Northern Alaska, Dr. Riley Middleton and her team of archeologists discover a burial site containing mummified remains dating to the last ice age. None of them notice the warning carved into the entrance or realize that the tomb had been deliberately sealed from the outside until they’ve already released a virus that turns ordinary people into murderous monsters. But there’s something even more terrifying inside…something ancient…something unspeakably evil.

Meanwhile, strange events are happening all across the country. A young girl in Washington begins drawing pictures of crime scenes, including details she can’t possibly know. In Maryland, a researcher finds the physiological cause of psychopathy in the brain of a mass murderer. A college student in New York develops precognitive abilities. In Michigan, a federal agent collars a serial killer whose murders continue unabated. And an anthropology professor in Massachusetts notices graffiti featuring the same cryptic designs that the Anasazi left on the walls of their abandoned cliff dwellings.

Once the deadly contagion reaches the contiguous United States, it spreads like wildfire through the population centers. With the infected running rampant through the streets, killing everyone in their way, a Hopi elder sets out from the Arizona desert to gather the survivors for a final battle that will determine the fate of humanity.

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