Beginners Guide to Stock Markets and Investing

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A starting point for those interested in the stock market and investing. Sound interesting? The author thinks so too! Listen to Beginners Guide to Stock Markets and Investing and learn about business and Investing.

2 reviews for Beginners Guide to Stock Markets and Investing

  1. Dee McClanahan

    Sorry, as an American, this audio reading was horrible. It was read by an Irish woman who had no audio range in her vocals. And to top it off, she read this “guide to investing” as if it was a fantasy book. But it still failed to get me interested even in the slightest.
    The audio performance was dull, lifeless, monotonous, and boring.

  2. Michael Straker

    I thought that Dee’s review was very unfair, No comment at all about the book’s actual contents. He also has an obvious issue with women.

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