Angel Face

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When Isabel’s beautiful daughter, Angel, grew to be a lovely, dynamic young woman, Melvin couldn’t help responding to her innocently sexy appeal. After becoming aware of her sexual charms, she makes use of them to the fullest. With her cute smile and bright eyes, Angel could dazzle and seduce whomever she pleased. She loved being looked at in scanty attire and took the lead in group sex.  

~ PG Excerpt ~ 

Melvin drove to pick Isabel up at her house to find her wearing tight fitting jeans, a tee-shirt and thongs on her feet and holding in her hand a travel bag with sundries that include a thong bikini. Off to his house they went. The exchange of greetings with Melvin’s parents, his two brothers and two sisters was surely a bigger surprise and was more fun than Isabel had ever expected. With mellow music on the stereo outdoors on the patio, conversation was rich and interesting. She did not expect to meet a family of six but she was glad it happened. After brunch when it was time for Melvin and Isabel to part, she was thinking, I would love to have a family like this of my own. 

Lake Nacimiento was several miles away and Melvin and Isabel were both more interested in getting better acquainted than listening to loud music. With the stereo at a low volume, the conversation centered on his family. He talked about his father’s business, and much about his brothers and sisters since that seemed to be Isabel’s interest. She kept it in her mind that they had met in the Marriage and Fam course at school and was wondering, is Melvin going to be the one? No way! We just met. 

After the boat was docked, the couple was ready to don their swimwear for skiing. Melvin went to the head to give Isabel some privacy and when she was ready, she announced, “You can come out now.” 

When he emerged from the head in a pair of tight swimming trunks, he was almost floored to see his date in her tiger striped thong bikini. She spun around to let him see her at all angles and asked, “What do you think?” 

“Should I be afraid that there’s a wild animal here in front of me?” he asked in jest. 

She laughed and then with a sensual smile, she said, “We’ll see.” 

After seeing his date in her scanty bikini and hearing her last words, Melvin was in a state of near disbelief and was asking himself: Will my good luck ever run out? 

Isabel was skilled in almost every area of water sports and would have no trouble handling the boat when it was Melvin’s turn to ski. She was at the helm with Melvin being the first to ski. When he was trying to dramatically show off his skill, she looked back with a smile. Feeling playful, she slowed the boat down and quickly gunned the engine to see if she could cause him to fall of his skis. He smiled right back at her and held fast. When it was Isabel’s turn to ski and he tried the same thing, she feinted a fall. He quickly turned the boat around to fetch her to find only the skis without Isabel. By the time he dove into the water to look for her, she had swum underwater to the side of the boat to climb back aboard. When he emerged from underwater, he was in near panic but relieved to see his lovely companion on the deck with her arms akimbo, proudly showing off her curvaceous body. 

When Melvin climbed back on board, they threw their arms around each other, laughing out loud together, and then kissed with open mouths and tongues swirling. With the bare skin of their warm, wet bodies touching, they experienced their very first passionate kiss. Melvin and Isabel felt as if it would never end but when it finally broke, they expressed their love for each other.


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