A Matter of Time


It’s time. The past can’t stay buried forever.

Rae Kerrigan and her friends thought all their problems were solved. The corruption in the Council has been exposed. The hybrids have been released from their unjust prisons. And Jonathon Cromfield – the evil puppet master pulling all the strings -had finally been put in the ground.

With the promise of an actual future with Devon, the love of her life, Rae slips the ring back on her finger and turned her eyes toward the horizon. Her heart’s filled with hope.

Except, fate has other plans…

With the return of her father, the infamous Simon Kerrigan who started it all, Rae finds that her newly right world has turned upside down again. The new peace in the tatù realm has shattered once more. Turning friends against friends. Family against family.

Why was he imprisoned? What will he do now? More importantly, can Simon Kerrigan ever be trusted again?

Rae and her team intend to find out.

The highly anticipated sequel to the Chronicles of Kerrigan series, by international best-selling author W.J. May.


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