A-List F*ck Club: The Novel

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Life is hard enough as it is. A little p*ssy, a little c*ck—if that’s the something sweet you need to help make the medicine go down, open wide baby, and I’ll pour it right in. When country-girl Juliana shows up at my club, she doesn’t want anything to do with a place so dangerous. She’s here in the city to make cash to save the family farm— not f*ck hard and fast—with strangers.

I won’t be a stranger for long. She thinks I’m just the bartender. Not the owner of this place with a messed up Hollywood story of my own. I remain anonymous for a reason—and my privacy is the only thing that matters. When stories about the dirty deeds at my club start getting leaked fingers are pointed.And everyone is a suspect. But who can you trust when lives are built on lies and an unforgettable fling is the only thing you can count on?

1 review for A-List F*ck Club: The Novel

  1. Karen Martin

    This was OK but at times I noticed my attention was wondering.
    The Narrator did ok bringing the characters to life.
    Just a warning it real steam.
    I voluntarily reviewed this audio.

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