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Lucille Grabow Bransfield
Kidnap “I love each of these books! Kristen Middleton is a go to author. I had read the first book before I got the 4 book audio. I really love the Carissa and Dustin series in the Searching and Looking books. Hope she writes a third in that series.”
Dead Team Alpha 2: The Stronghold “I really like this series. Vey different from average zombie book. I know this is the last. But I love how the author lets you know where else to look to find this world in other stories.”
Dead Team Alpha “3.5 stars brought up. The reviews on this book are way harsh. I thought it was pretty good. Not your average zombie book. Adding the blind crazies was a nice touch. The people are always what’s going to be the toughest after an apocalypse, and this adds a new dimension.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe, The Clearwater Curse “This really is a cute series. I’m really glad they finished the story from the last book. Gertrude is a funny old lady. Even though she thinks she’s not old. The characters are fun to listen to. Great narrator too.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe: Gunslinger City “Cute. Although I did not love the open ended way it finished. They explained one part of the mystery, while leaving another part open. Glad I have the next book or I’d be irritated. Hope the next finishes it up.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe, Slam Is Murder “This is a cute cozy mystery. I enjoyed the characters as well as the story. This is the first I read and it was easy to catch up without being lost.”