Dead Team Alpha

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In the post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested wasteland, there is one beacon of safety in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains: The Stronghold.

For decades, the inhabitants have fortified and defended the Stronghold from zombie hordes, building their society and culture on military precision.

And chosen from the best of the best is Denver Team Alpha. DTA is the elite strike force used to rescue survivors and refugees that have made it to the hellish wasteland of Denver below. But because of the unbelievable risks, and high mortality rate, DTA has come to stand for something else: Dead Team Alpha.

Now DTA will be put to the test as something far worse than zombies comes at them out of the wasteland.

2 reviews for Dead Team Alpha

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Forget about the Zombies and Cannibals, we’ve got Code Monkeys out there! The last of the humans in this F’d Up future have turned into a military society in order to fight off the unexplained Zombie uprising. Unbeknownst (to most) there is death cult out there of highly trained, blind (on purpose) members of the Code Monkey Cult orchestrating a final attack on the Stronghold. There is a huge cast of characters, but don’t get attached to any of them because they mostly die. It’s grime but action-packed. Then ending leaves some things open for book 2, so look out for that!

  2. Lucille Grabow Bransfield

    3.5 stars brought up.

    The reviews on this book are way harsh. I thought it was pretty good. Not your average zombie book. Adding the blind crazies was a nice touch. The people are always what’s going to be the toughest after an apocalypse, and this adds a new dimension.

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