Become a Verified Reviewer!


On Audiobooks Unleashed, we have our very own Verified Reviewers! These are reviewers vetted by our team as listeners who write quality reviews on the audiobooks they listen to. Verified Reviewers are personally endorsed by Audiobooks Unleashed as top reviewers in the audiobook community. You can apply to become one!

As a Verified Reviewer, you get access to audiobooks not available to the “public”, They aren’t on the homepage or searchable. These are from authors and narrators are more interested in using their promo codes for authentic reviews than audiobook sales.

If you become a Verified Reviewer, you will get access to another page besides the home page with audiobooks only available to Verified Reviewers. You can continue to use both pages as much as you want!

The only thing we ask is that if you take a code from an audiobook listed in the Verified Reviewer section, you try your best to have a review posted on Audible and Audiobooks Unleashed within 2 – 3 weeks. (But no sweat – we know life can get in the way sometimes!) This will be a very small, voluntary group, and we are developing this to become an official ARC group as well.

You do not have to listen to an audiobook just because it is on the Verified Reviewer list. We would be supporting you as part our vetted review team and would absolutely love to have you on board!

To qualify, you need to review at least three audiobooks that are on Audiobooks Unleashed. These reviews should be posted on Audible and Audiobooks Unleashed. (To add a review, go to the audiobook’s page on AU and click the REVIEW tab next to the Description.)

Disclaimer: Of course, we cannot and will not ever make you write a review. All reviews are optional, voluntary, and should be honest opinions. We suggest you write the following in your reviews: “I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.” Happy listening!

If you are interested, apply by filling out the form below!


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