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Making Her His “This review is for Making Her His (Book #1 Beating The Biker) by Lexy Timms. Although this was a super quick listen @ 4 hrs/26min, and a cliffhanger, I really enjoyed it. I won’t reiterate the full summary, but I will say the story revolves around Saks and Christina, two strangers who meet in a bar and hook up one night. They’re both unaware that they each come from rival crime families, and these families are trying to push them into an arranged marriage with one another. What happens when they finally realize that they are the two being set up for this marriage?? I would suggest this to all as the perfect beach read. It’s easy to follow, lighthearted, with a splash of some down right steamy hot scenes. The narration by Hannah Pralle was good too. I was able to differentiate easily between the various voices of each person. Great job! Thank you for allowing me to review this audiobook.”