Zen: How to Practice Zen Everywhere in Your Daily Life


Learn how to practice Zen in your everyday life.

This book contains everything you need to know about Zen Buddhism to start using its wisdom in your daily life. Zen Buddhism is known for going beyond words, with the very specific purpose of catapulting the student toward the indescribable.

Spiritual masters of the past have been able to leave their physical bodies and walk the strands of space, sans corpus, in order to see their environment through nonphysical eyes. Some have been able to levitate their bodies. Others have performed miracles of every possible sort.

What actionable and realistic Zen methods will you learn to achieve inner peace?


  • How to perform various forms of meditation
  • How to combine the koan with meditation
  • How to practice Zen in your daily life


Also the following insights:


  • What to do when you feel angry
  • The Noble Eightfold Path
  • How to look at things from a new perspective
  • How to be aware of the present moment


How will your daily life improve?


  • Becoming far more responsible for those around you
  • Easier to feel unconditional compassion for the world
  • Find gratitude for everything that others might see as misfortune
  • Be a symbolic representation of truth
  • Rise above the ego’s ignorance and separation
  • Find inner peace
  • And more!


Just some of the questions and topics we’ll cover include:


  • What is Zen Buddhism?
  • The meaning of Zen
  • Zen history and diversity
  • Koan practice
  • Forms of meditation
  • Zen in daily life
  • And more!


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