Zara’s Surrender (Book 3)


Zara does not want a relationship with a dominant man.

Noah wants a sweet submissive woman.

What they get is the last thing either of them wanted…each other.

Zara Hughes had her life all laid out. Find a great story, write it and win awards and accolades. And if the story is dangerous, all the better. Get involved in a relationship with another dominant man? No way. Not happening. Not ever again.

Noah Taylor knows what he wants in his life – danger and excitement in his job; peace and quiet at home. After seeing his friends at Wild Mustang deal with their feisty women, he wants a nice, sweet girl who will keep the home fires burning – a woman he can love and care for and who will never give him a hard time.

When a notorious arms dealer, puts Zara in the cross-hairs of a sniper’s bullet, the result is an explosion of adventure, romance and sensuality that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It will take you on a journey from London, to the coast of Wales, to the island of Mykonos and to the glittering principality of Monaco.

Contains a hot commanding alpha male, and a woman who is denying her need to surrender to his dominance.



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