Your Service Is Required

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From the author of space opera novella The Long Lost War and the sci-fi fantasy series Outer Red, Jeff Walker brings you his vision of a dystopian society in Earth’s distant future, where robots rule over of what’s left of humanity – a science-fiction drama centered on one man trying to survive in a machine-dominated world.

Earth is now under the control of two artificially intelligent rulers, Angela and Malcolm; they govern the planet and use humanity to service their needs. David 00472 is one of those daily service attendants that must obey the commands of the two AI overlords. David becomes a person of interest to Angela as she helps him to improve the quality of his life. David, suspicious and fearful of her sudden concern for him, is cautious about her true intent. Malcolm, ever watchful of all humans, is unsure why David 00472 has become Angela’s pet project. Is this part of their cruelty? Do they delight in using humans for their amusement somehow?

David meets a man, another human service attendant, who will change and challenge his notion of freedom and what it truly means to be free.

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2 reviews for Your Service Is Required

  1. Norma Miles

    ” You need a friend. ”
    A future world dystopia where two AIs named Angela and Malcolm command the remnants of the human population (only 100,000) to complete work tasks, under the constant supervision of drones. Any infringements of orders are subject to the death penalty and contact is forbidden, even speaking might be considered a very reflux enterprise. The story is viewed from several points of view, including that of the two AIs, but mostly from that of Jack who, like the others he meets on his travels to assignments, is fearful of committing any offence which might result in his service no longer being required. But he secretly longs to get to know a blond woman he sometimes sees on his transport.

    Written very simply, and without much attempt at characteriseation, Your Service is Required is a quick read at only just under six hours. It would, however, have been improved by reducing it in length still further, losing some of the middle to latter action.The narration by Nathaniel Priestley is excellent, well paced and modulated with individual voicing for the various protagonists. His performance definitely helped to enhance the experience.

    I received a freely gifted complimentary copy, at my request, via Audiobook Unleashed. Thank you.
    there is definitely an old style science fiction feel to the writing, a little bit Brave New World, though different in subject matter. An interesting concept but somehow it didn’t quite fit right. Nevertheless, it is enjoyable and mostly holds the reader’s attention. Recommended

  2. Jerry Harkey

    Imaginative telling of a future world none of us would enjoy. However, would we go to the lengths of the protagonists to gain our freedom?!? And, would we run into the same end for our efforts? Very thought-provoking read/listen and highly recommended revival of the classics, only with machine masters.

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