You Are My Reason


We all have our reasons…. For some, it’s fame or fortune. Others are seeking power or revenge. For Courtney Knight, it’s about forgetting and healing from a past only she knows exists. Unfortunately, pasts don’t stay there for long, and now the problem with her plan…is the future.

Courtney signed on the dotted line, without reading the contract, when she joined Compatible Companions. She knew the main objective, but she didn’t know her match. Or so she thought. The funny thing about reasons…they change without warning. And signed contracts are binding, so now Courtney finds herself with a dilemma. 

Elliot Montgomery has his reasons, too. Avoidance, boredom, and excitement. One chance meeting in paradise will change the simplest of reasons into the most difficult. Too bad the ones that make you stronger can also be your biggest weakness. Then one day, they become your everything.

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