Yoga: The Complete Beginners Guide


Many people have a whole range of preconceived misconceptions about yoga. They think that yoga is only for women who are fit and flexible and live a certain lifestyle.

Are you one of those people?

This book is here to shatter those misconceptions and teach you that yoga is for everyone. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, unfit and overweight, or the fittest you’ve ever been, this book will introduce you to yoga and the astounding benefits it can start having in your life.

You can expect to gain 10 things by downloading and listening to this book and putting into practice what it teaches.

The 10 things you’re about to learn are:


1. The history of yoga 2. That yoga can enrich your life, bringing you infinite benefits 3. How to get started practicing yoga 4. How to use yoga to help relieve stress 5. How yoga can make you lose weight 6. How yoga will build your self-esteem 7. That yoga will increase your flexibility 8. That you’ll gain core strength by practicing yoga 9. That your cardiovascular fitness will improve 10. That your muscle tone will improve


Yoga can do absolute wonders for a multitude of problems. In this book we’ll be going through how yoga can help with stress relief, weight loss, and self-esteem.

We’re giving you 33 yoga poses for 33 days. This book will lead you through your first month of yoga, focusing on three different specific problems that yoga can fix.

In this book you will find:


  • A brief history of yoga
  • Some information on how yoga can enrich your life
  • Some useful tips for getting started
  • Eleven yoga poses for stress relief
  • Eleven yoga poses for weight loss
  • Eleven yoga poses for building your self-esteem


We want you to really make the most of this book and get all that you can out of it. There’s no time like the present, so make today the day that you start your yoga journey to a more relaxed, fit, healthy, confident you. 


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