Write Like the Wind, volume 2


Ever wish you could peer into the brain of a published author and learn what tips he’s absorbed over the years? How often does he blog? And why? And what about those live chats. Do they really sell books?

Maybe you’d like to delve into the psychology of writing, and learn how to deal with rejection or how to write effective love scenes.

In volume 2 of Write Like the Wind, Lazar offers advice on writing the “dreaded synopsis”, “writing on the road”, and recording messages to your readers. These skills are complemented by recommendations for promotion, such as how writing columns brand authors, and a step-by-step guide on how to get your books into audiobook format.

Join award-winning mystery author Aaron Paul Lazar as he shares the cream of the crop from seven years of writing blogs in this fresh and unique offering of advice for fellow scribes.


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