World War 2 Secret Missions: Brave & Daring Secret Missions of WW2


World War II was much more than just a war among several nations. With the war came new forms of warfare, covert missions, special operations, sabotage, destruction, and espionage and so on among the enemies. Spies were employed, plans were formulated, and disguises were put up by both the Axis and the Allies to obtain information or to hinder the progress of the war. This resulted in some of the most unconventional, creative and ingenious operations that played an important role in shaping the course of the war. There were several secret missions and raids that were carried out between the Allies and the Axis powers during the Second World War.

Listed in this book are just few of the several raids and covert missions that the war gave birth to. This book is written in such a way as to give an overview of the few missions. Each chapter throws light on one single mission and gives a broad view to help facilitate the understanding of the listener.

You’ll learn about…

  • Operation Flipper
  • Operation Collar
  • Operation Caeser
  • Operation Eiche
  • Operation Ruthless
  • Operation Jaywick
  • Operation Alpha
  • Operation Frankton
  • and Operation Archery


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