Wolf Rampant Trilogy

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USA Today best-selling author Aimee Easterling’s Wolf Rampant series has racked up over 350 five-star reviews!

Meet Terra Wilder, a shiftless shifter uncomfortable in her own animal skin.

Throw in a healthy helping of Wolfie Young, a bloodling alpha who’s more wolf than man.

Mix with a dash of Terra’s controlling father and Wolfie’s sadistic brother. Then fold in a heaping handful of unconventional outcasts.

The result is a unique werewolf world that has been described as a “good choice for Patricia Briggs fans”.

This box set contains the full text of Shiftless, Pack Princess, and Alpha Ascendant.

2 reviews for Wolf Rampant Trilogy

  1. Tera Comer

    I love the world that the author has created as well as the characters. Terra and Wolfie are so great and the narrator does a great job with them. I love all the characters in this series and I was so glad that the author created spinoffs to this wonderful group of characters.

  2. Tracey Rushton

    This trilogy was great!
    The writer manages to capture the reader and the narrator brings the story to life.
    I love the characters! I loved being part of their ups and downs.
    All in all great characters, brilliant story line, wonderful narration. I’m off to check out some more from this author xxx

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