Witch Blues: A Marshal of Magic Tale


Blind dates suck. 

Even worse when a trio of strange witches show up at the bar and everything gets weird. I mean, there’s a thief with a grimoire, pregnant witches, and sorcery afoot. Or in cars. I’m not really sure how they’re getting around. 

But it’s my job to stop them. I’m the Marshal of Magic and Memphis is my town. Technically, it’s in my territory, but doesn’t my town sound way better? Get out of my territory is so generic and vague. Get out of my town. Now that’s a line a guy can growl. 

But the witches have other ideas. They want to call up a demon and conduct a ritual that will unleash a hell on Earth. Lucky for Earth, I can stop them.  

With some help. And Luck. I’m going to need it. 

Fans of Kevin Hearne and Jim Butcher should binge this series to get a Dresden and Iron Druid fix. If you like your heroes humble, well, the Marshal might not be your guy, but if you like ‘em batting out of their league to right what’s wrong with the world and save normal folks from magical malfeasance, then grab your copy and check him out. 


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