WINTER’S HEIR (The Eisteddfod Chronicles, Book 2)


Publisher’s Summary

She never wanted to be a faerie princess. 

Deor Smithfield just wanted to find her dad, get him to acknowledge her so the magic in her blood wouldn’t run wild and kill her, then go home to her career and forget about her faerie side forever. Well, two out of three might not be so bad, right? 

But when your father is the King of the Winter Court, and you’re the real heir to the throne, things go from strange to complicated really fast. 

Now Deor finds herself embroiled in court politics, societal power struggles, threats from rival kingdoms, betrayal from allies both outside and in, and at least one plot to overthrow her father and seize the throne. Sometimes it feels like the only good thing in this whole magic kingdom is her dog.

Oh yeah, and in the midst of the chaos, she has to get her magic under control, keep her temper in check, and and stomp out her attraction to Rafe, the maddening and handsome former heir, or else she’ll start a civil war.

Winter’s Heir is the second book in the critically-acclaimed Eisteddfod Chronicles, which began with Changeling’s Fall.

©2018 Sarah Joy Adams and Emily Lavin Leverett (P)2018 Falstaff Books


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