Winter Mail Order Bride: Charlotte’s Christmas

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Christian romance.

Texan rancher Jett Crossman has everything he needs except the most important thing: a family.

This Christmas, the only wish the lonely handsome cowboy has is for a bride, someone to be his everything. His advertisement in The Matrimony Messenger consists of his photograph and two words. Southern Belle Charlotte Baxter, the overindulged child of a widower, sees his ad. Something in Jett’s eyes makes her believe he is the one for her and compels her to answer his ad. She is after adventure and romance on the wild frontier. He is seeking contentment and true love.

Well aware of Charlotte’s habit to be impulsive to the point of recklessness, her father, a newspaper publisher, lets her go west to the frontier town of Dovetail, Texas. Unbeknownst to Charlotte, he sends along Jasper Farnum, his pressman, to keep an eye on her. Charlotte arrives like a locomotive in a Christmas snowstorm to make Jett’s wish for a bride come true.

Jasper fears that when Jett discovers what a handful Charlotte is, he will realize he should have been careful what he wished for. However, Jasper does not have time to worry about that for long. Suddenly smitten with a mysterious woman, he jumps headlong into unforeseen trouble. Charlotte may be the only one who can get him out of it. This Christmas in Dovetail, the table turns, the snow falls, and true love, whether wished for or not, prevails. Jasper is called westward and Charlotte is westward wanted.

1 review for Winter Mail Order Bride: Charlotte’s Christmas

  1. Cindy Nipper

    Wow! This was definitely a unique mail order bride book!! First the advertisement was bizarre. “Wanted: Bride”. And then the bride being willing to come with no further conversations besides her short reply that she would marry him. I almost didn’t finish the book because it was so outlandish.
    But I’m glad I stuck with it! It was very funny at times!! These two very trusting people enjoy a wonderful marriage while a couple of the bride’s friends discover possibilities for their own futures!
    The narration was very good. Maybe a few moments where her voice of narrating the book and the lead character didn’t change and one sentence that was unnecessarily repeated but it was a nice long book so it’s easy to overlook those small issues! I would enjoy future books from both the author and narrator!

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