Wings on Fire Complete Collection: Falling, Blazing, and Soaring


Guardian angel Daniel is tasked with keeping Kerry safe, but he’s drawn to her in forbidden ways. Their growing romance puts them at risk–however, it’s hard to stay grounded when they’re swept up on the wings of burning desire… 

It is supposed to be simple. Kerry is my charge. My task is to silently watch over her and keep her out of harm’s way.

I’ve never before had a problem just keeping my humans alive. But Kerry is different. Everything about her draws me in. My wings are literally burning with desire for her.

I’m tempted to reveal myself to her, even though I know I shouldn’t.

She makes me vulnerable. My vulnerability puts her at risk, and I can’t allow that.

When passion and danger mix, what will happen to Daniel and Kerry? Will they fall from their tightrope balance of denying instincts and satisfying desires? Find out NOW by listening to Wings on Fire.


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