WILDCAT: A Novel of the West


She fought rustlers, land thieves, murders, and her own heart!

Her pa taught Allison Katherine “Kat” Crandall to ride, rope, and shoot as good as any man. That’s why they called her “Wildcat”! Then her pa died in what folks called an “accident”, and when she returned from his funeral, half her ranch hands up and left. Kat knew that meant her father’s death was no accident but cold-blooded murder, even if she couldn’t prove it – yet! 

Soon her troubles really started: Rustling, stampedes, hijackings, her remaining hands attacked. If she didn’t do something fast, Kat would lose everything her father had worked for.

Wildcat is a thrilling romance of the frontier, brimming with action in the tradition of authors like Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L’Amour and the classic Saturday-afternoon Western B-movies.


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