Wild Whistling Blackbirds

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A tender, tense, and heart-wrenching journey into the heart and soul of 1860s Civil War America!

When the tumultuous decade scatters her family across the war-torn country, Suzanna Whitlock is left alone in the bucolic Iowa village of Afton to manage the family’s lumber mill while other family member engages in the nation’s dividing conflicts: Her husband David in the savagery of the Civil War, son Johnny in the Paiute Wars in the vast Utah territory, and daughter Elizabeth in the volatile campaign for women’s suffrage in mid-century Chicago.

Courage in the face of tragedy and prejudice

When reports of her husband’s death place the future of the mill at risk, Suzanna battles prejudice, loneliness, and greed in her own struggle to establish position and recognition in a business world that is “for men only.” Her only hope is to keep the Whitlock estate intact until she can again bring her family together.

1 review for Wild Whistling Blackbirds

  1. Uvi Poznansky

    Wild Whistling Blackbirds looks at historical events through the prism of a love poem that calls for blackbirds to ‘disturb not my slumbering fair’. In a larger context, this story is about struggling for the balance between a state of action and a state of dream, the forces of rebellion and weight of stability, as expressed through an engaging, complex family saga set in 1860s Civil War America

    Suzanna Whitlock is left alone in the village of Afton to manage the family’s lumber mill. Meanwhile, her husband David, fighting in the Civil War, is listed as dead, her son Johnny is fighting in in the Paiute Wars in the vast Utah territory, and Elizabeth, her daughter, is fighting for women’s rights in mid-century Chicago.

    Against the background of this chaotic era, Suzanna longs for a perfect world where “sons did not die before they reached full manhood and daughters didn’t yearn to leave to become lawyers the likes of a president. Husbands didn’t wake in the middle of the night with the fury of battle thundering in their heads.” But in such a world, with no disturbances, her life would mean little more than slumber.

    Thomas, her son, is a rebel from childhood. “Afton could use a few wild whistling blackbirds. This town is far too sleepy and needs a bit of disturbing.” Her son Thomas returns home very ill. At his request, etched on his gravestone is the inscription, “A wild whistling blackbird.”

    I got the audiobook through Audiobook Unleashed and enjoyed the delivery by Gryphon Corpus. This is another thought provoking story from Allen Kent. Highly recommended!

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