Wild Whistling Blackbirds

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A tender, tense, and heart-wrenching journey into the heart and soul of 1860s Civil War America!

When the tumultuous decade scatters her family across the war-torn country, Suzanna Whitlock is left alone in the bucolic Iowa village of Afton to manage the family’s lumber mill while other family member engages in the nation’s dividing conflicts: Her husband David in the savagery of the Civil War, son Johnny in the Paiute Wars in the vast Utah territory, and daughter Elizabeth in the volatile campaign for women’s suffrage in mid-century Chicago.

Courage in the face of tragedy and prejudice

When reports of her husband’s death place the future of the mill at risk, Suzanna battles prejudice, loneliness, and greed in her own struggle to establish position and recognition in a business world that is “for men only.” Her only hope is to keep the Whitlock estate intact until she can again bring her family together.

1 review for Wild Whistling Blackbirds

  1. Cindy Nipper

    This was a very intriguing book covering a great variety of historical events of America. The Civil War, the Pony Express, the limits of women prior to the suffrage movement, and more are discussed as the Whitlock Family are dispersed across America!
    I thought the narration was superb and really brought the book to life!!

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