Whole Lotta Frogs

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My name is Lennox Brooks, and I’ll admit I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I don’t take the big risks, I cover my insecurities with snark, I’ve shown my crazy a few more times than I would’ve liked, and I’ve been trying and failing at love pretty much since I first grew tits. Weirdos, mama’s boys, the over-coiffed, and underwhelming, I’ve been out with them all, just read my blog. I’ve got horror stories that would curl your toes and singe your nose hairs, but none of them compare to the toad who started it all: Ellis Walker.

He was the boy next door, the charming, infuriatingly gorgeous one who broke my heart and disappeared without a trace. Now, he’s back and determined to throw my life into chaos, dredging up painful memories just when things were getting good.

But the thing is there are always two sides to every story. I’ve spent the better part of my life hating him for everything he put me through, but without that resentment clouding my judgment, how will I ever resist him?

Love is complicated, appearances are deceiving, and sometimes, you have to kiss a whole lot of frogs before finding your prince.

3 reviews for Whole Lotta Frogs

  1. Bette

    A Delightfully Fun RomCom with great narration!?

    Whole Lotta Frogs
    By: Samatha Harris
    Narrated by: Heather Firth

    Awesome! It is a slow burn, second chance romantic comedy at its best! This book is a delight, the story is captivating with lots of fun moments as well as drama, romance and heartfelt moments. The characters are wonderful, both primary and secondary, the lead, Lennox Brooks is the star of this book with Ellis Walker coming a close second. There is great chemistry between those two & a whole lotta angst. I love Lennox’s blog it is relatable and her dating adventures or rather misadventures are hysterical. This is my first Samantha Harris book and it will not be my last. I enjoyed her writing, humor and storylines. Thank you for a great read!!

    I listened to the audio edition, Heather Firth is a fabulous narrator & storyteller. She performs the voices of all the different characters, switching vocals back and forth effortlessly with out missing a beat. She sets the perfect tone & pace for the story bringing the characters and their story to life from the pages to your ears. Thank you for another great listen!!

  2. Michelle Kettler

    Friendly! This was so fun. The narration was perfect. She can narrate anything. Lennox and Ellis grew up together with their families by their sides. A very embarrassing moment happens and Ellis Breaks Lennox heart and age can’t find it In herself to forgive. Her blog was so fun to read . Highly recommend this story. This was my first Samatha Harris books so that’s a extra bonus

  3. Mary Dean

    This was such a fun friend-enemies to lovers story. I loved every second. Lennox is an independent woman who hates her job as a personal assistant but stays it in hopes to be a journalist one day, no matter how many times her boss turns down her articles. She has a blog where she keeps herself anonymous about her disaster of a dating life. Her childhood best friend turned ex friend Ellis is back in town and she is forced to see him as their families are very close. She believes his ultimate hobby is to make her life a living hell. But as events happen she starts to learn that everything she thought about him, her life, herself… isn’t as she thought. She has to make some major decisions. Decisions that will affect her future and she has to take some chances, something she isn’t good at. Every second of this story had me on my toes while laughing out loud. Yes I was that crazy lady with head phones on laughing. I couldn’t help it. The banter between Ellis and Lennox was hysterical. And her blog posts! I am so sad that her blog isn’t real. I would so be a subscriber. This narrator was the perfect voice for Lennox. She really made me believe she was telling the story to me. This is a great rom com that all romance fans will fall in love with. I know I did. And you don’t get just once romance in this story. That’s all I am saying. I won’t spoil the fun.

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