White Sheep of the Family (Part 2)

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A lord has been assassinated, and only an awkward boy can uncover the mastermind. 

Banished from the capital, 10-year-old Zheng Tian joins the Black Lotus Clan. As son of a great lord, he is utterly unprepared for this new life – a fact complicated by his awkwardness. As of yet untrained in the arts of stealth, he is thrust into an investigation into a lord’s murder.

5 reviews for White Sheep of the Family (Part 2)

  1. Catrina P

    Building on the first book, there is mystery surrounding the assassination of a Lord. Can the Black Lotus Clan get to the bottom of things before they become victims themselves?

    JC Kang continues the story with intriguing characters in a unique setting.

    Once again, Natalie Naudus delivered an entertaining performance.

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and I have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Jocelyne

    White Sheep of the Family is the second novella in the Scions of Black Lotus Series. For a better understanding, I recommend you to listen to the first book in the Series before this one. The story continues where the first book ended. The storyline has a great world building, and the characters are intriguing. This Series is nothing like what I have read/listen before. As always, Natalie Naudus did a great job with the narration. Looking forward to listen to the third book in the Series, Wretches of the Trench.

  3. Ryan Pascall

    With a subtitle announcing books being “A Legend of..” book, I always expect that each book will be a different tale set in the same world/land as its predecessor. I was therefore pleased to find that this sequel pretty much carries on from where Thorns of the Night Blossom ended.
    Much like that book, the action (while brilliantly written and mind-boggling in execution) is secondary to the mystery and thrills of the court here and, with the addition of several new characters, the story feels all the more broad for it.
    Speaking of characters, Tien is brilliant. equal-part Shelock’ian genius and idiotic adolescent I found myself facepalming on several occasions but never to the detriment of the tale.
    Once again each character and story point is brought to life wonderfully by Natalie Naudus and, while in the first I found it hard to catch character names from her, this time her pronouncing speed seemed spot on.
    Another really good tale, better than the first in my opinion and so it is on to book Three.

  4. gerald douglas

    Clan, Family, Self

    How far are you willing to go to protect your clan? your family? yourself? These are three central questions interwoven into this second installment of the Black Lotus collection and the pace of this work is frenetic and purposeful as you uncover the mysteries of the Black Lotus organization along with the characters.

    JC Kang continues the masterful and concise world building and this is paired with excellent narration matching the wonder and worry.

    The introduction of new characters really adds to the wonder of this series. With each step along this journey more is learned, lost and gained.

  5. Linda

    White Sheep of the Family is the second book of the Children of the Black Lotus series. I’ve seen people comment that it can be read as a standalone, but I would really recommend anyone interested in this series to read the books in order.

    White Sheep of the Family is even better than it’s predecessor. I loved following the point of view of Tian as he and Jie investigated the events that happened in the end of the first book. I truly like how JC Kang writes action scenes; he makes them feel alive and real, like everything is happening in my mind like a movie as I listen thanks to his way of describing. The narrator is fantastic for this story too.

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