Wretches of the Trench (Part 3)

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A serial killer roves the Trench, and only an eight-year-old girl can stop him.

3 reviews for Wretches of the Trench (Part 3)

  1. Jocelyne

    Wretches of the Trench is the third novella in the Scions of Black Lotus Series. I recommend you to listen to this Series in order, for a better understanding of the original, and complex world building. This story is fast paced, filled with action, and intrigue. This is my favorite installment in the Series, by far. Natalie Naudus has a beautiful voice. The characters were easy to distinguish. She did an amazing reading of this story. Looking forward to listen to the fourth book in the Series, Temptress of Fates.

  2. gerald douglas

    Everything Changes

    This third installment of the Tivara Story really brings the concept of family, by birth, choice or circumstance, to the forefront. The traveling party continue to look for those that know of the Black Lotus to keep the secret hidden.

    This story though really looks at the cost of life. Throughout the first three books, i’d forgotten how young the characters are. It hit home here in this examination of the poorer sections of the world and how bodies and lives are shuffled along for the whims of those in power.

    There is so much to unpack here all while enjoying the swashbuckling adventures of this collection of assassins. Strap in and get ready for a ride unlike others.

  3. Linda

    Scions of the Black Lotus is a series that keeps getting better with each book. Wretches of the Trench was truly fantastic and the stakes have been risen even more for the next books in the series. This book has to be my favorite of the series yet, with great description and action-packed scenes. Sometimes i forget as I’m reading the books that the protagonists are incredibly young and they are experiencing the worst of life at such a young age. In this book, you really can’t forget about it and it’s heartbreaking.

    The narrator continues to deliver excellent voices for each of the characters and giving them life throughout the book. I’m really excited to see how the story grows in Temptress of Fates.

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