White Noise Rain

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White Noise Rain by Devon Blais

Many people benefit from the steady, soothing sounds of nature, and it can even invoke unforgettable memories!

A constant sound can help reset distractions and irritations. Be it a noisy neighbour, a snoring partner, insomnia, a racing brain full of thoughts, or a bustling city. 

Nature helps us reset and grounds us into a state of relaxation!

The author has created a constant track at a maximum of two hours (per Audible standards) in mind to ensure you have an entire experience of relaxation.

If you use this book as a sleep aid, remember to use the sleep timer for your convenience built into the Audible app.

The eleven soundtracks have a gentle fade in and out to help to customize the volume 10 seconds after you start the sound.

This book features the following nature sounds:


  • Downpouring rain.
  • Tropical rain with distant thunder.
  • Rain on the western prairie.

Can this collection help me outside of just relaxation?

Alternatively, we hope that you use this book for focus, meditation, sleeping work, and studying. To help center oneself in our busy 21st-century world.

What you will not hear: This book will not surprise you like others; you will not hear any overlying sounds of music or voices embedded in this book. 

Download our audiobook and choose the sound that best fits your needs, or listen to them all.


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