Whispers of Light

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At the age of 21, widow Isabel Barnet has returned to seek refuge in her family’s ancestral home of Scarlett Hall. Having experienced heartbreak and vowing to never love again, Isabel has now resigned herself to minding her younger sisters and forever remaining alone. That is, until one day when her mother makes a request.

Laurence Redbrook, Duke of Ludlow, feels half a man compared to others. The limp he received after a tragic accident is proof of that. Understanding that the ton whispers behind his back – and no woman would ever view him with interest – he remains alone at his estate. That is, until an important letter arrives requesting his aid.

As Isabel and Laurence are joined into a marriage of convenience, Isabel begins to search for a way to escape from both a man she does not love and the secrets in her heart that threaten to destroy her.

1 review for Whispers of Light

  1. Laura

    Overall, I liked the story and I am more at 3.5 stars. But, to me, it just seemed like it took a long time to get where it ultimately ended up. I did not find the actions of Harriet, MC Laurence Redbrook’s sister, to be absolutely convincing. I also thought that the ultimate reveal regarding MC Isabel’s marriage was odd given her behavior up to that point. And finally, it just seemed that MC Laurence was a bit to saintly at times – accepting of both his sister Harriet’s and his wife’s MC Isabel’s behavior.

    The narrator, Katherine Anderson, has a pleasant voice with a slight British accent. She did a nice job.

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