When They Come for You

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Robbie Cordwood went to jail for killing the three men who raped his wife. He expected to stay there and not get out. That was fine by him. Justice served. But one day the world changed, and THEY came from the stars. Then THEY started taking over peoples bodies, crawling in through the mouth. The prison doors were open, and no one knew what to do next….

2 reviews for When They Come for You

  1. Norma Miles

    You never need luck when you’ve already cheated.”
    This is a short series of vignettes following Robbie and his ex wife in the twelve years after an alien invasion. Each fragment, as well as furthering character development, also leaves much to the reader’s immagination: a clever use of abbreviated writing.

    The narration is good, steady, capturing the essence of Robbie’s personality as he relates his story in the first person. Heavy use of conversation makes Theo Holland’s use of differentiated voices crital. A nice , fitting to the text performance.

    I was fortunate to be freely gifted a complimentary copy of When They Come for You, at my request, from the rights holder via Audiobooks Unleashed. Thank you. I have read and very much enjoyed several other short pieces by the author, Darwin Lester Ii, and am fast becoming a fan. Quirky, perhaps not for everyone but very visual and different from most post apocalyptic scenarios whether, as here, aliens or zombies. Every time I have been left wanting more. Highly recommended

  2. RJ

    A thirteen-year account of a man and his wife who never gave up resisting after an alien invasion. This short piece from Derwin Lester is not as poignant as some of his other works but it still left me ruminating on what I would do in Robbie’s position. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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