When the World Turns Dark After It Turns Dark, Book 1


When an EMP destroys the electrical grid and a family is separated by a massive storm, who will survive?

Consumed by guilt over the accidental death of his daughter’s husband and child, a disabled veteran, John Sheridan leaves Florida and returns to his small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota to finalize the sale of a remote mountain cabin once shared with his wife. With his vision failing, he now believes this will be the last time he will see it and get to enjoy the biggest motorcycle rally in the world. But when a dirty-looking local teenage girl seeking safety breaks in and the power goes out, he learns a disturbing story and must decide whose survival matters more.

Meanwhile, in Florida, his daughter Laura ignores the evacuation order, vowing to find her sole surviving son before a crushing hurricane makes landfall. But when an act of decency at the height of chaos garners unwanted attention, her day is about to get even worse as she finds herself confronted with an even greater threat than the approaching storm.

When The World Turns Dark is a high-octane, post-apocalyptic thriller with flawed characters that explore the world after an electromagnetic pulse knocks out the power when society needs it the most. No lights. No phones. No transportation. This captivating family saga reveals what desperate people could be driven to do to survive at the worst time.



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