When Cougar Dates Manwhore

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Ava’s nemesis, John, made his feelings known by suddenly kissing her while they happened to be on the same cruise. Not just any kiss, but one that triggered a mind-blowing heat that made her want to learn more about him.

They’ve now been home for over a week where… nothing happens, making Ava doubt the signals she thought she’d received. Had the kiss not been as mind-blowing for him as it was for her? And then, suddenly, he asks her out on a date where she gets to see the intimate, sexy sides of him, which she really likes.

Maybe they are a good match for each other after all… or not. She can’t tell. His actions are so unpredictable that she can’t intuit his motives. Should she continue to leave the door open or write him off as the man-whore she thinks he is?

1 review for When Cougar Dates Manwhore

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    In previous episodes, we saw Ada engage with younger men, trying to find a balance in her life, the young men seemed to be the ones that reacted to her, thus allowing friendship and more intimate relationships to develop.
    However, none of these encounters seemed to stack up, once John had kissed her. Now they are back home, and they now have to find out whether there was something between them.
    No I am not telling you what happens, the writer has done a very good job with this entertaining series, and my short synapses would not do justice to the writer’s penmanship.
    Yes, it is a fantastic finale!

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