We’ve Only Just Begun (Oregon Trail Dreamin’) (Volume 1)

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When vows are said out of necessity, can love really grow?

Susan Farr loses her parents and her home in one swoop. She takes her horse and rides to Independence, Missouri, to join a wagon train and start a new life. Mike Todd, the wagon master, doesn’t allow single women to have their own wagons. It causes fights and distractions. Susan solves her problem by marrying Clancy Willis in name only. Unfortunately, Clancy’s true nature doesn’t take long to show, and Susan finds herself married to a drunkard.

Along the trail, once again, Susan is forced to marry another man in name only, and this time it is Mike Todd. As soon as they make it to Oregon, they plan to have the marriage annulled, but their hearts become hopelessly entangled.

Mike Todd has two brothers to raise. They are guides on the wagon train, and he decided long ago he’d raise them and forget about having a wife and child of his own. Little does he know that he’d find a forever type of love.

Both vow to sacrifice their hearts’ desire to give the other happiness. Will they come to realize their lives and love have only just begun?

3 reviews for We’ve Only Just Begun (Oregon Trail Dreamin’) (Volume 1)

  1. Cindy Nipper

    I listened to these first two books out of order! Now I’m curious why they had so many similarities! While both enjoyable, I would have preferred more uniqueness, especially since they’re the first two books in the series!
    The narration was better in this book in my opinion, but both are by the same narrator!

  2. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    Love Finds A Way

    I received a free copy of this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed in exchange for an honest review.
    I really liked this story. It was filled with determination, desperation, and danger. Susan couldn’t make a getaway on the wagon train going west unless she had a husband. Her desperate choice was not a good one. When her husband reveals his true nature, the wagon master takes her under his wing and the horrors of the trip bring them closer. I liked their relationship and even though they had feelings for each other the treachery of the journey kept them at arms length. She took care of her dying husband, and he kept his two younger brothers and the families traveling with them as safe as he could under the conditions. The narration was good.

  3. Danny Harr

    This book is about the Oregon Trail. It’s interesting and keeps your attention. The wagon train master Mike Todd get involved with Susan a girl on her way to Oregon under his watch. They have all kinds of things happen. It’s an interesting book. Tom Jordan did a good job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed and that has no influence on my review.

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