WereHuman 3 – The Hunter’s Heir: A Wyrdos Universe Novel

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If you’re not a werewolf, you’re a waste of fur. 

That’s what everybody says. Josh isn’t a werewolf. He’s not even sure if he’s a shifter at all. 

In Montana, Josh cleans up after the students of the Montana Shifter School. In Washington, his brother tracks superhuman soldiers from his high-tech lair. In Chicago, his sister solves crimes with the help of Team Wyrdos. 

These dogs are WereHumans. And since they were born, the Consortium has been hunting them down to dissect them and learn their secrets. 

Josh has no idea about any of this. He just wants to attend Shifter School. Instead, he’s been abducted by a genetically altered psychopath with a god complex on a mission to take down the Consortium. 

Josh is his bait. 

If he wants to survive, Josh is going to have to reach deep down inside his furry self and figure out who he really is. Is he a shifter? Is he a servant? Could he be a killer if that what it takes to escape this madman? 

1 review for WereHuman 3 – The Hunter’s Heir: A Wyrdos Universe Novel

  1. Mia Harper

    I loved this book, it was action packed and moving, and beautifully narrated by the author. Events come to an explosive confrontation with the Consortium, and Josh discovers his family. I was so sad this was the end of the Were Human series, it has been an amazing series, that I would highly recomend.

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