We Don’t Talk About Her

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Clint is a laughable stalker who lives in a hoard with his decaying mother. Stella is his current fascination, but Clint has no idea what kind of woman Stella is. She’s playing a lifelong game and only she knows the rules. Now she’s made a wrong move and finds herself at Clint’s house, victim to his perverse attentions and bizarre behavior. Is it the perfect place to hide from her past or an insane prison from which she may never escape?

1 review for We Don’t Talk About Her

  1. Jo Linsdell

    Well, that was disturbing. It’s like an episode of Criminal Minds but with only the messed up bad guys. There is literally no good guys in the whole story, and it leaves you thinking about which of the characters was the most messed up. Stalking, obsession, manipulation, sex with a corpse… this had it all.
    Narration took me a few chapters to get into but overall worked well with the story.

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