Water Lily in July

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Kaylie Wells loves her job as a lighthouse keeper—the job she took after her husband died. As her heart heals, she works on a lily pond, nurturing the plants to bloom once again. The high point of her day is the cheeky fisherman who radios in for weather reports. 

Rob Peacock is married to the sea, but dreams of the lady in the lighthouse to whom he speaks daily. When they finally meet, Kaylie is everything Rob longs for in a woman. But with his need to follow the fish, and her need for the solitude of the lighthouse, how will they forge a relationship? 

When a massive weather system comes in that threatens to inundate the entire town and possibly wash away the lighthouse, Kaylie tries to warn Rob of the ensuing disaster. Out of radio range and on the leading edge of the weather front, Rob doesn’t acknowledge Kaylie’s call. As the storm sweeps in, bringing with it all the terror of a tsunami, Kaylie recognizes how much she cares for Rob. She refuses to lose another man she loves, so she hangs on at the lighthouse, keeping watch for his boat. Will Rob make it to safety? Or will the raging sea steal Kaylie’s second chance at love? 

1 review for Water Lily in July

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    He’s a fisherman, she is one of four lighthouse keepers.
    Their first contact was over the radio, him wanting an update on the weather. They each were attracted by the others voice.
    A chance meeting on her days off, gave them a chance to get further acquainted.
    Then drama and suspense occurs when disaster strikes.
    How, when and where, is the author’s story to tell. It is remarkable and nail bitting drama.
    I believe you will enjoy this tale.
    Again, as with the rest of the books in this series, there are strong religious beliefs expressed, so if this offends, then perhaps this book and /or series may not be for you.

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